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Jumat, Juni 05, 2009

Curhat aja

Today is Friday. time goes too fast. i am very tired and bored in this office. if there is a job in Tuban. i'll love it. :). home sweet home, hehehehe... right now i'm alone in this room. all of my friend go to RSI. i don't know what's for. :D.

Tomorrow i wanna go home. i miss my family. i hear that my grand mother will be operate in her eyes. i hope she will be ok. Amiin. :). oh yeach... i need to buy some snack for my little sister.. :). she love it.

About a gift. i remember with my friend. it's happen when i go to malaysia. when the time we will go home. all of us buy some gift for our family. one of my friend want to buy a robot with remote control. he said he want give it for his little nephew. in my mind he is a good boy. he want buy an expensive toy for his nephew. :). then i help him to choose..

After a long time we choose the best robot for him. then it's the time for pay it. one of my friend ask him.
friend1 : this robot is for which nephew?
the guy: it's for my nephew in singapure.
friend1 : did you mean a nephew was born last week?
the guy : yes.
friend1 :what ??? why you buy a robot. she should not understand and can't play with it. you should buy for a baby. or maybe it's you who want to play the robot?
all of my friend laugh together.. and then he didn't buy it.

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