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Kamis, Mei 07, 2009

Tuban ( why called tuban ?)

Raden Parah was the son of the king of majapahit. his father give him a a forest name Glagahwangi. Raden patah make the forest to be came kadipaten(governor). known as Kadipaten Demak Bintara. Kadipaten demak become much bigger, some of kadipaten join with him. Raden patah also get support from wali songo. so kadipaten demak become bigger and then became a kingdom.

some of time. Raden patah hear thah majapahit was attacked by Giriwardhana from daha kingdom. his father who was the king of majapahit was run away. Raden patah become angry, then he attack Giriwardhana. wali songo also supported his decision. Raden patah can easily defeat Giriwardhana.

Raden Patah collect all the valuable objects and sacred objects in the Majapahit brought to Demak. all objects have been bring it to the train. except 2 large living stone. Then ask Raden patah to his guardian "I want to carry two stones also, consider who is able to bring these two stones?". "Sorry Raden certainly we can not able to bring the two miles to the Demak, Demak to travel so far" said wali songo. Let ask two crane to help us.

Sorry crane! we need your help to bring these two stones to Demak. i hope you can help us. God certainly will record the deed charity, said wali songo. Wali songo also told the two soldiers laying stone on the back crane. The two birds fly immediately to the Demak Bintara.

when they come on the field. The rancher saw two bird bring the stone in his back."hey look it over! have two tails crane that strange." "Yes, the flight is very slow like a turtle" said of another rancher.

The crane are angry, and immediately try to fly faster. but the result is not to fast but both wings are tired. then they fall like a rocket because fatigue. Then finally they throw the stone, in his back so that they didn't fall.When the rock fell, the shepherd cried "Watu Tiban (rock fall)! Tiban Watu". The cry of the shepherd is heard many people, so that events are spread and where to go into a lot of people talking. Watu Tiban can be in short tu-ban, and finally the place called TUBAN

The two stone who became legend was still exist. in the stone there is a hand writing said "1400 saka", and it is still store in the museum kambang putih. not far from the Alun-Alun Tuban city and the Sunan Bonang.

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