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Kamis, Mei 14, 2009

Developing WebService using Netbeans

Creating webservice using netbeans is very simple an easy. for my documentation only.. this is step by step creating webservice
  • Create your web aplication project by select File->New Project. and then choose Web Aplication
  • after you create your web aplication. you can add web service to your web aplication by select File->New File. and then choose Web Service.
  • give name for your web service and package. and then finish
  • Open your WebService in WebServices Directory.
  • in the design view you can add your method and in the code view you can code your own code :D.
  • then undeploy & deploy your web aplication
  • you can test your webservice by select your web service. then right click, choose Test WebService.
  • Finish :D.

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