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Senin, April 06, 2009

Advice from Imam Ghazali

One day, Imam Al Ghozali gather with his students. Then Imam Al Ghozali ask to his students, "What's the most close to us in this world?". Students have said that parents, teachers, friends, and relatives. Imam Ghozali explain all the correct answers. But the most close to us is the "Dead". For the promise of Allah SWT is that every soul which will surely die.

Then Imam Ghozali forward to next question. "What's the most far from us in this world?". Students have said the country China, moon, sun, and stars. Then Imam Ghozali explain that all of the answers they give are correct. But the most correct is the "past". However, we, any of our vehicles, we still can not return to the past. Therefore we have to keep this day and the days that will come with the act in accordance with the teachings of Religion.

Then Imam Ghozali proceed with the third question. "What is the largest in the world?". Students said the largest is the mountains, the earth and the sun. All answers are correct said Imam Ghozali. But the greatest of which is in the world is "lust" (Al A'Raf 179). So we must be careful with our lust, not lust to take us to hell.

Fourth question is, "What's the most weight in the world?". There is a steel, iron, and elephants. All answer are correct, said Iimam Ghozali, but the most serious is the "hold Amanah" (Al-Ahzab 72). Plants, animals, mountains, and all the angels can not afford when they ask Allah SWT to be kalifah (leaders) in this world. But the man with the request sombongnya menyanggupi Allah SWT, so a lot of people go to hell because he can not hold amanahnya.

The fifth question is, "What's the most lightweight in the world?". There is a cotton, wind, dust, and foliage. All answer are correct, but the most lightweight in the world is "leaving the prayer." Because of the work we leave prayer, because of prayer meeting we leave. So to the six questions is, "What is most striking in this world?". Students replied with one voice, the sword ... Imam Ghozali said it is correct, but the most striking is the "tongue of men." Because with the tongue,he can easily harm other people and his own brother.

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